Art & graphic design by Anna Kesäniemi. Based in Helsinki, Finland.

Latest news: Calendar 2023 has arrived, hooray!


Kepardi Company is a one-woman company established by me, a Finnish graphic designer Anna Kesäniemi. I’m based in Helsinki, Finland.

My work varies from digital and print illustrations to textiles and other products. Through my work I’m sharing my interest for things such as nice patterns and pretty colour combinations and wish to boost good feelings in people. I often like to add some cute or humorous twist in my work to cheer up myself and the people I’m sharing my artwork with.

I combine different techniques (and have a couple of different styles) in my work, since it’s difficult to choose just one. Being able to try and experience new stuff keeps life and my daily work more interesting. My most recent work can be found on instagram @kepardicompany.

I’m always open for interesting collaborations and commissioned work. Just send me a message or call and let’s talk more!


Anna Kesäniemi
+358 (0)44 011 0585
Instagram: @kepardicompany

  • Designmuseo Shop, Helsinki
  • Delite Flowers & Design, Helsinki
  • Kiasman museokauppa, Helsinki
  • Kioski Shop / Taidehalli, Helsinki
  • Puf, Turku
  • My o My Xmas Garage, Helsinki Forum & Kämp Garden
  • Schwesterherz, Friedrichshain, Berlin
  • Suttisen Tila, Laitikkala