Posti’s Stamp Competition

These flowers of mine will be on a stamp in spring 2022 – what an honour and excitement!

Finnish Posti held a congratulation stamp design competition together with Grafia and the Finnish Illustration Association and my stamp was one of the five winners, hooray!

“A surprisingly large number of entries were submitted to the design competition during the COVID-19 pandemic. Out of the 570 entries, we shortlisted 38 proposals, each of which had the potential to be a great stamp. The five winning stamp designs were selected at a jury meeting through ballots. We often find new potential stamp designers through competitions, and this time was no exception,” says Posti’s Design Manager Tommi Kantola, who acted as the chairman of the jury.

Kimppu Sinulle / A Bouquet for You: “A classically beautiful and pleasantly calm stamp that has the feel of the 1970s. In addition to congratulatory messages, this stamp is also suitable for more serious messages.”

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